Staff Directory


Alisa Plant, Ph.D.
225.578.6144 /

Melanie Samaha
Assistant to the Director
225.578.0496 /


Kate Barton
Business Manager
225.578.6415 /

Acquisitions Editors

Rand Dotson, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief
Southern History, Atlantic World History, Louisiana History, Music, Southern Studies
225.578.6412 /

James W. Long, Ph.D.
Senior Acquisitions Editor
Literary studies, media studies, poetry, history and culture of Spain and Latin America
225.578.6433 /

Jenny Keegan
Acquisitions Editor
Louisiana studies, general interest, environmental studies, fan studies, foodways, Caribbean history, contemporary social justice/civil rights issues in the South

Victoria Herrmann
Editorial Assistant
225.578.6467 /

Manuscript Editing

Catherine Kadair
Managing Editor and Assistant Director
225.578.3349 /

Neal Novak
Senior Editor
225.578.6465 /

Ashley Gilly
Editorial Assistant
225.578.6319 /

Design & Production

Barbara N. Bourgoyne
Design and Production Manager
225.578.2488 /

Michelle Neustrom
Senior Designer
225.578.6483 /

Shelby Lewis
Production Assistant
225.578.6537 /

Marketing & Sales

James D. Wilson, Jr.
Marketing and Sales Manager
225.578.8282 /

Sunny Rosen
Publicity Coordinator and Copywriter
225.578.8650 /

Jordyn Lofton
Marketing Coordinator – Review Copies, Advertising, Exhibits, Prizes
225.578.5104 /

Sam Anselmo
Digital Information and Data Services Coordinator
225.578.6434 /