Award Winning Books from LSU Press

We congratulate our award winners!

Manipulating the Masses

John Maxwell Hamilton

The Abolitionist Civil War

Frank J. Cirillo, Richard J. M. Blackett, Edward Bartlett Rugemer, James Brewer Stewart

The Howling Storm

Kenneth W. Noe, T. Michael Parrish

Race, Crime, and Policing in the Jim Crow South

Brandon T. Jett, David Goldfield

Conflict of Command

George C. Rable, T. Michael Parrish

Norman Mailer at 100

Robert J. Begiebing

Navigating Liberty

John Cimprich

Soldiers from Experience

Eric Michael Burke

Doll Apollo

Melissa Ginsburg

Borderland Blacks

dann j. Broyld

Degrees of Equality

John Frederick Bell

Our Lady of Bewilderment

Alison Pelegrin, Ava Leavell Haymon

Light at the Seam

Joseph Bathanti

The Collected Writings of Assia Wevill

Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Peter K. Steinberg, Eilat Negev, Yehuda Koren


George Kalogeris

The Glass Globe

Margaret Gibson

Rebel Salvation

Kathleen Zebley Liulevicius, Kathryn Kraynik

Mannequin and Wife

Jen Fawkes, Michael Griffith

Afro-Realisms and the Romances of Race

Melissa Daniels-Rauterkus

Dear Almost

Matthew Thorburn

A Confederacy of Dunces

John Kennedy Toole

Journalism's Roving Eye

John Maxwell Hamilton

Delaying the Dream

Keith M. Finley


Dan T. Carter

Late Wife

Claudia Emerson

The Gleam of Bayonets

James V. Murfin, James I. Robertson, Scott Hartwig

The Politics of Rage

Dan T. Carter

Alive Together

Lisel Mueller

The Flying Change

Henry Taylor