Rights & Permissions

Subsidiary Rights

Inquiries regarding subsidiary rights should be directed to:

McIntosh and Otis
353 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016
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Please use this form to request permission to reprint a text passage or image from an LSU Press book. Permission will be granted for only one print version of your publication, and any other use requires additional permission. Please allow 30 days for us to process your request. If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Herrmann at permissions@lsupress.org.

LSU Press Policy Statement on Poetry Permissions Requests and Fees

As a not-for-profit scholarly publisher, LSU Press remains committed to our mission of quality publishing, putting our mission ahead of financial gain. Through our long and consistent tradition of excellence, we have also demonstrated an ongoing commitment to poetry publishing. We attend to the books we publish at every stage, acquiring only the best manuscripts, which we vet with peer reviewers; developing unique and eye-catching designs for each title; and marketing these books widely and enthusiastically.

Unfortunately, rarely does a poetry volume earn back its publication costs, and the Press must support the considerable costs of its poetry program through avenues such as grants, gifts, and–in a small way–permissions fees. These fees, which charge a third party to reproduce poems in another work, are nominal, but are nonetheless a factor in recouping some of the publication costs and providing some compensation to the poet for his/her creative effort.

Despite the relatively small amount we request when granting permissions, the Press has lately and increasingly received requests that seek a waiver of all such fees. Often these requests for waivers come from those seeking to reprint the poems in a new collection or anthology, works that will be sold to generate income for their publishers. Poets are sometimes directly solicited by those same publishers to join in requesting that the Press waive all permissions fees. More and more regularly, therefore, the Press is asked to authorize the free reprinting of poems on our list.

While cognizant that reprinting poetry is an essential part of the artistic lives of poets, and often advantageous to the larger world of the arts, we also feel poets deserve at least some small compensation for their work whenever possible. Depending on the circumstances, we will waive or reduce fees for the disabled, for nonprofit organizations, and in other special circumstances in which the book will not be sold.

We find it difficult, however, to rationalize waiving fees for for-profit organizations. To do so, we believe, diminishes respect for the value of the poet’s work and deprives the Press and the author of potential income. We do not, therefore, waive fees in such instances.

Requests for Electronic Files for Print-Disabled Students

To obtain electronic files for print-disabled students, please visit our partner Bookshare® at www.bookshare.org. Bookshare® provides a free accessible online library for people with print disabilities.

LSU Press will only provide electronic files for print-disabled students if the book does not appear on Bookshare®