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Letters from a Louisiana Swamp Rabbit

72 pages / 8.00 x 10.00 inches / 56 color photos, 12 line drawings, 1 map

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Children's Non-Fiction | Ecology | Regional Studies

  Hardcover / 9780807150740 / March 2013

Winner of the NAI Interpretive Media Award (2nd place)

NAI Interpretive Media Award – 2nd Place, Book Category

Swamper, a fictitious swamp rabbit, lives in the bottomland hardwood forest, or overflow swamp, which is a very real environment. In twelve “letters” addressed to his human friends, Swamper shares his vivid observations about life in a Louisiana swamp. With excitement and captivating detail, he explains ecological concepts such as food webs, energy flow, decomposition, and reproduction. He recounts adventures like escaping his predators, the great horned owl and the red fox, and swimming for his life after a flood forces him to find higher ground. The alert swamp rabbit even describes the seasonal migration of birds and the monthly phases of the moon. 

While educating students about the interconnected life cycles found in a natural habitat, Swamper’s first-hand account of the richness and value of the wetlands will also help young readers develop a deeper appreciation for this delicate ecosystem. Though written for all ages to enjoy, the content specifically aligns with life science and environmental science educational standards for 4th through 7th grades. 
Also Includes:
  • A glossary of key terms
  • Questions and a creative activity for each letter
  • Biologically accurate drawings of animals and habitat
  • Color photographs of the environment
  • Supplementary online resources for teachers and parents

Naturalist and environmental educator Amy Griffin Ouchley conducts encounters with the outdoors for students and teachers, children and adults, through workshops, field trips, and conferences, as well as programs in schools, libraries, nature centers, and museums. She received the Conservation Educator of the Year Award in 2011 from the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. She lives with her husband, Kelby, in northeast Louisiana near an overflow swamp.

Praise for Swamper

“Ouchley has tapped into pure gold with the creation of this book. As bewitching as a fairy tale, it remains a valuable educational tool perfect for summer reading that might inspire you to take the kids on a nature hike through the swamp.”—Louisiana Life

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