Mississippi Provincial Archives - Cover
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Mississippi Provincial Archives

vol. 4

French Dominion, 1729-1748

424 pages / 6.00 x 9.00 inches / no illustrations

Southern History

  Hardcover / 9780807110683 / May 1984

“With the publication of the last two volumes of Mississippi Provincial Archives: French Dominion, this documentary series on French colonial history in the lower Mississippi Valley, begun by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in 1927, is brought to a notable conclusion. More than fifty years have elapsed since the publication of the first volume of this series, edited by Dunbar Rowland and A.G. Sanders. The present publication, long delayed by the mysterious disappearance of the typescript of Volume IV, benefits from the editor’s focus on sources in closer touch with events that were the official reports of the empire builders in the home office. Volumes IV and V shed new light on French-Choctaw relations, Indian diplomacy, and the ethnohistory of the Choctaw and their kinsmen the Chickasaw and the Creek. These volumes include hitherto unpublished material on the French and Indian War as viewed by the French and the Indians who fought it. . . . The Department of Archives and History is proud to bring this important documentary series to completion and to present the work of a younger scholar who adds to the endeavors of her distinguished predecessors the fruits of a new generation of scholarship.”—Charlotte Capers, Executive Editor, from the Foreword

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