French Colonial Louisiana and the Atlantic World - Cover
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French Colonial Louisiana and the Atlantic World

346 pages / 6.00 x 9.00 inches / 2 half tones, 2 maps, 22 tables

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American History

  Hardcover / 9780807130353 / July 2005

French colonial Louisiana has failed to occupy a place in the historic consciousness of the United States, perhaps owing to its short duration (1699–1762) and its standing outside the dominant narrative of the British colonies in North America. This anthology seeks to locate early Louisiana in its proper place, bringing together a broad range of scholarship that depicts a complex and vibrant sphere.

Colonial Louisiana comprised the vast center of what would become the United States. It lay between Spanish, British, and French colonies in North America and the Caribbean, and between woodland and eastern plains Indians. As such, it provided a meeting place for Europeans, Africans, and native Americans, functioning as a crossroads between the New World and other worlds. While acknowledging colonial Louisiana's peripheral position in U.S. and Atlantic World history, this volume demonstrates that the colony stands at the thematic center of the shared narratives and historiographies of diverse places. Through its twelve essays, French Colonial Louisiana and the Atlantic World tells a whole story, the story of a place that belongs to the historic narrative of the Atlantic World.

Bradley G. Bond is the author of Political Culture in the Nineteenth-Century South: Mississippi, 1830-1900 and the editor of Mississippi: A Documentary History. He is a professor of history at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

Praise for French Colonial Louisiana and the Atlantic World

“This important volume . . . [has] made a significant contribution to the field by according French colonial Louisiana the attention and treatment it has long deserved from historians of the United States.”—Journal of Southern History

“Whatever else it does, this volume clearly shows Louisiana history to be a burgeoning and exciting field.”—American Historical Review

“This book blazes a new trail for scholars to follow, and that will be its importance to the reader.”—Journal of American History

“Bradley G. Bond has ably edited and organized a coherent volume that offers an optimistic rejoinder to the problems charted by Usner, one that is notable for its inclusion of contributions of African scholars.”—William and Mary Quarterly

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