Around the Press in 80 Books: Talking About Movies with Jesus

In celebration of LSUP’s 80th anniversary the staff selected 80 of our most memorable titles. Adding to our “Around the Press in 80 Books” blog series, Associate Financial Operations Manager Leslie Green writes about LSUP and The Southern Review poet David Kirby and his collection, Talking About Movies with Jesus

One of the thKirbyTALKING_jktfrontHRings about working at LSU Press is not only do we get to work with some of the most brilliant writers but, it turns out, they are all really nice, delightful people. Publishing is akin to a theater production in that there are many people behind the scenes making it all turn into magic. And our writers understand that, especially, David Kirby. He respects the important contributions made by our editorial, design and production, and marketing staff.

David Kirby’s poetry is great in manuscript form, but have you seen the cover art for Talking about Movies with Jesus? It is quintessential David Kirby, all full of cultural references and jokes. Sometimes our writers have art they very much want featured on the covers of their books and that is helpful. But in this case, our designer, Michelle Neustrom, made the image for David. He loved it. And David is symptomatic of all our writers, not only are they passionate about their work, they also understand that the people here at LSU Press truly care about their books.

David has published five collections with LSU Press. To quote Amy Gerstler, “these poems loop and maneuver through the weighty and hilarious with an unerring sense of proportion, studded with delicious tidbits of music, religion, history, wit.” This particular collection is my favorite, so far, from a poet who is prolific, thank goodness.

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