Around the Press in 80 Books: Journalism’s Roving Eye

In celebration of LSUP’s 80th anniversary the staff selected 80 of our most memorable titles. Adding to our “Around the Press in 80 Books” blog series, Director MaryKatherine Callaway writes about Journalism’s Roving Eye: A History of American Foreign Reporting.

Journalism's Roving EyeOne of the joys of scholarly book publishing is bringing out a truly magisterial volume. The research, reflection, and rewriting that goes into such works is evident, and publishers know that another book on the topic cannot possibly eclipse the words in front of you.

Journalism’s Roving Eye fits this description. At 680 pages, its heft alone indicates a trove of information that, combined with Hamilton’s lively writing style, offers the definitive history of America’s foreign correspondents.

Lauded with a trifecta of prizes—the AJHA Book of the Year Award, the AEJMC Tankard Book Award, and the Goldsmith Book Prize—Hamilton’s book sweeps across history’s events and those who reported them, from Benjamin Franklin Bache (grandson of the other Benjamin Franklin) to Dorothy Thompson (one of the first female foreign correspondents) to David Halberstam (noted Vietnam reporter). Hamilton recounts the stories behind the reports to give us a complete history of foreign news-gathering, and creates a book that will stand as definitive for generations to come.

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