Active Hurricane Season Forecast

The Cincinnati Post put it best when it said,

Some time not too far off, a date toward the end of May could replace Groundhog Day as a critical augury on our national weather calendar. . . .it is the end of May when the National Weather Service makes its forecast for the June 1 to Nov. 30 season.

9780807132845With hurricane season at hand, the Center for Public Integrity Investigation of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, City Adrift, responds to the questions, How could all of this have happened in twenty-first-century America? And could it all happen again?

9780807132524On a more intimate level, New Orleans photographer David Spielman’s Katrinaville Chronicles details through poignant photographs and personal e-mails, the challenges and hardships he endured while staying in New Orleans during and after Katrina. Southern Living declares “[Spielman] uses incredible images and candidly written words to reveal the everyday struggles of survivors in a city turned upside down. He touches the true human side of an event that affected so many.”