Big news for Journalism’s Roving Eye!

A Trifecta of Awards for Journalism’s Roving Eye: A History of American Foreign Reporting by John Maxwell Hamilton

Louisiana State University Provost Hamilton’s Work Lauded for Its Significant Contribution


Only one book can claim the 2010 American Journalism Historians Association Book of the Year, the Goldsmith Award, and now the 2010 Tankard Book Award from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).

Journalism’s Roving Eye: A History of American Foreign Reporting by John Maxwell Hamilton, LSU Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and Hopkins P. Breazeale Professor of Journalism, was also named as one of Slate Magazine’s Top 10 Books for 2009 and has received strong reviews from a variety of publications, including the Columbia Journalism Review, The Dallas Morning News, The Christian Science Monitor, The Times Literary Supplement (UK),  and The Literary Review (UK), and has been featured on C-SPAN, PBS,  and Al-Jazeera.

“These important recognitions of Provost Hamilton’s work demonstrate his skill as a journalist and his great contribution to scholarship,” said MaryKatherine Callaway, director of the LSU Press. “We are proud to share our enthusiasm for Journalism’s Roving Eye with so many others who recognize its significance.”

Hamilton’s authoritative work is a sweeping chronicle of American foreign-reporting from the colonial era to the present. This thoroughly-researched and accessible narrative has captivated academics, politicos, and general readers as it continues to earn accolades.

John Maxwell Hamilton has reported from the United States and abroad for ABC Radio, the Christian Science Monitor, and other media outlets, in addition to being a longtime commentator on public radio’s Marketplace. He served in the Agency for International Development during the Carter administration, and on the staffs of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the World Bank. In the course of his career, he has had assignments in more than fifty countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

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