Still Waters - Cover
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Still Waters

Images, 1971-1999

216 pages / 12.00 x 11.25 inches / 100 color photographs


  Hardcover / 9780807125700 / April 2000

“Lockwood is a master of his art.”—Wall Street Journal

“ . . . the direct descendant of the nineteenth-century photographer-explorers who documented the American West.”—American Photographer

Renowned for the beauty of his photographs and love of planet Earth, C. C. Lockwood for thirty years has produced images that dazzle the eye and soothe the soul. Now at life’s midpoint, this adventurous outdoor photographer pauses to reflect on the less-trodden career path he’s chosen and to assemble the most cherished fruits of his work. Still Waters is a sumptuous retrospective—“the best 100”—of Lockwood’s more than 30,000 total images, chronologically arranged and stunningly displayed. Over half have never been published, and only twenty-four are found in his previous books.

These color-lush scenes of sky, water, and land range from Belize to Hawaii to Yellowstone National Park to Portugal and capture the marvel of native flora and fauna (including several Homo sapiens!). Lockwood’s signature Louisiana scapes abound, depicting such winsome place-names as Little Pecan Island, Pearl River Swamp, Atchafalaya Basin, Tunica Hills, and Bayou Penchant. Whether absorbed with the utter innocence of a nest of young racoons (Mutt, Jeff, and Friends), the radiant coolness of a coral reef habitat (Reef Fish), or the essence of a dying sun, all the images exude the almost magical synthesis of light and subject, inspiration and technique, patience and luck, that denotes a Lockwood print.

Selected by the artist for their visual grace, hold on memory, and professional impact, the stills of Still Waters are likened by Lockwood to a family photo album: “the good times show up more than the hard work of raising the kids.” If a picture speaks a thousand words, then Lockwood’s 100 raise a chorale. Where argument and cold fact fail to persuade, these works of beauty and love instill a newfound appreciation for our shared earthly habitat.

C. C. Lockwood is an award-winning natural history photographer who enjoys studying his subject over the course of at least one year through on-site living. Among his many other photography books are Around the Bend: A Mississippi River Adventure; Still Waters: Images, 1971-1999; The Alligator Book; and Marsh Mission: Capturing the Vanishing Wetlands, in cooperation with painter Rhea Gary. In 1978 he received the Sierra Club's Ansel Adams Award for conservation photography, and in 2000 he was voted a Louisiana Legend by Louisiana Public Broadcasting. He and his wife, Sue, live in Baton Rouge.

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