Southern Historical Association 2023 Annual Meeting

We are happy to offer this virtual exhibit page for
The Southern Historical Association 2023 Annual Meeting.
It includes the same titles that we are displaying at the meeting.

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The Iron Dice of Battle

Timothy B. Smith

Theatre on the American Frontier

Thomas A. Bogar

Red Reckoning

Mark Boulton, Tobias T. Gibson, Linda Weiss, Ann V. Collins, Kurt W. Jefferson, Eric Kasper, Elaine Tyler May, Peter J. Verovšek, Matt Sprengeler, Mary Beth Chopas, Tony Shaw, Francesco Buscemi, Kurt Edward Kemper, Angela F. Keaton, Charity Rakestraw, Randi Barnes Cox, Simon Stow, Eunice Rojas

Fallen Angel

Robert Morgan

The Abolitionist Civil War

Frank J. Cirillo, Richard J. M. Blackett, Edward Bartlett Rugemer, James Brewer Stewart

The Boss of New Orleans

Eric Criss

Confederate Privateer

William C. Harris

Race and Respectability in an Early Black Atlantic

Cassander L. Smith

The Politics of Faith during the Civil War

Timothy L. Wesley

The Howling Storm

Kenneth W. Noe, T. Michael Parrish

Race, Crime, and Policing in the Jim Crow South

Brandon T. Jett, David Goldfield

Invisible Activists

Lee Sartain

Most Fortunate Unfortunates

Marlene Trestman

Speed, Safety, and Comfort

James John Hoogerwerf

Creole New Orleans in the Revolutionary Atlantic, 1775–1877

Caryn Cossé Bell

Building The National WWII Museum

Gordon H. “Nick” Mueller, Kali Martin Schick

Native American Women and the Burdens of Southern History

Daniel H. Usner

Conflict of Command

George C. Rable, T. Michael Parrish

The Barber of Natchez Reconsidered

Timothy R. Buckner

Empire of Brutality

Christopher Michael Blakley

The Insurrectionist

Peter Adams


Burke Bischoff

John Randolph of Roanoke

David Johnson

The Last Battle of the Civil War

Anthony J. Gaughan

Rescuing Biodiversity

Johnny Armstrong

Kingfish U

Robert Mann

Grand Emporium, Mercantile Monster

Ritchie Devon Watson, Scott Romine

A Girl’s Life in New Orleans

Hans C. Rasmussen, Gina Costello

Draining New Orleans

Richard Campanella

River of Dreams

Thomas Ruys Smith

The Absinthe Frappé

Marielle Songy


Liz Skilton, Craig E. Colten

Normans and Saxons

Ritchie Devon Watson

Rethinking American Disasters

Cynthia A. Kierner, Matthew Mulcahy, Liz Skilton, Benjamin Carp, Alyssa Fahringer, Caroline Grego, Jonathan Hancock, Scott Knowles, Jane Manners, Richard Mizelle, Sarah Naramore, Ashley Rogers, Thomas Wickman

The Wild Woman of Cincinnati

Michael D. Pierson

Ruin and Resilience

Daniel Spoth, Scott Romine

Knights of the Golden Circle

David C. Keehn

Civil War Infantry Tactics

Earl J. Hess

Flora and Fauna of the Civil War

Kelby Ouchley

In Tune

Ben Wynne

A Brief Moment in the Sun

Neil Kinghan

When Bad Men Combine

Shawn Francis Peters

The Downhome Sound

Mandi Bates Bailey, Guy Davis

American Catholics and the Quest for Equality in the Civil War Era

Robert Emmett Curran

The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records

Scott Blackwood

White Terror

Allen W. Trelease, Karen Cox

The Vieux Carré

John DeMers

Shantyboats and Roustabouts

Gregg Andrews

Segregation in the New South

Carl V. Harris, W. Elliot Brownlee

The Last Fire-Eater

William Link

Mad with Freedom

Élodie Edwards-Grossi

Navigating Liberty

John Cimprich

Moving the Chains

Erin Grayson Sapp

Soldiers from Experience

Eric Michael Burke

Three Centuries of Girls' Education

Mary Anne O'Neil

Three Centuries of Girls' Education

Mary Anne O'Neil

Confederate Outlaw

Brian D. McKnight

The Civilian War

Lisa Tendrich Frank

Cherie Quarters

Ruth Laney

Letters from the Southern Home Front

Joseph A. Fry

Letters from the Southern Home Front

Joseph A. Fry

Civil War Field Artillery

Earl J. Hess

Irish American Civil War Songs

Catherine V. Bateson

Civil Wars and Reconstructions in the Americas

Evan C. Rothera

Engineering in the Confederate Heartland

Larry J. Daniel

Roadhouse Justice

Trent Brown

The Roots of Violent Crime in America

Barry Latzer

Hood's Texas Brigade

Susannah J. Ural

French Connections

Andrew N. Wegmann, Robert Englebert, Brett Rushforth, Ryan André Brasseaux, Jay Gitlin, Karen L. Marrero, Guillaume Teasdale, Robert D. Taber, Christopher Hodson, Gregory Kennedy, Leslie Choquette, William Brown, Mairi Cowan, Vincent Auffrey

Brown Pelican

Rien Fertel


Robert Cataliotti, David Kunian, Herlin Riley, Greg Lambousy

The Most Absolute Abolition

Jesse Olsavsky

Lost Causes

Bradley R. Clampitt

Borderland Blacks

dann j. Broyld

Lincoln’s Unfinished Work

Orville Vernon Burton, Peter Eisenstadt, Richard Carwardine, Joshua Casmir Catalano, Greg Downs, Eric Foner, william haller, J. William Harris, Stephen Kantrowitz, James Loewen, Lawrence McDonnell, Adrienne Petty, Briana Pocratsky, Jerald Podair, Mark Schultz, Randall Stephens, Rhondda Thomas, Gavin Wright

Degrees of Equality

John Frederick Bell

Gin, Jesus, and Jim Crow

Brendan J. J. Payne

Bloody Flag of Anarchy

Brian C. Neumann

Resident Strangers

Jennifer E. Brooks

True Blue

Clayton J. Butler

Slim Harpo

Martin Hawkins, John Broven

Defying Jim Crow

Donald E. DeVore

Reinventing Dixie

John Bush Jones

The Richmond Theater Fire

Meredith Henne Baker, Rachel Beanland

Animal Histories of the Civil War Era

Earl J. Hess, Joan Cashin, Lorien Foote, David Gerleman, Abraham Gibson, Brian Matthew Jordan, Jason Phillips, Mark Smith, Paula Tarankow, Daniel Vandersommers, Michael Woods

The Party Is Over

Christie L. Maloyed, Pearson Cross, Jeremy Alford, Stephen Barnes, Mark Davis, Chase Edwards, Beverly Moore Haydel, Michael Henderson, Mirya Holman, Michelle N. Jeanis, David Khey, Anna Mahoney, Robert Mann, Jan Moller, Steven Procopio, Albert L. Samuels, Robert Travis Scott, Joshua Stockley, Rick Swanson, Gary Wagner

Mardi Gras Beads

Doug MacCash

The Enduring Civil War

Gary W. Gallagher

On to Petersburg

Gordon C. Rhea

Devils Walking

Stanley Nelson, Hank Klibanoff, Greg Iles

George Washington Carver

Christina Vella

Invisible Wounds

Dillon Carroll

Land of Milk and Money

Alan I. Marcus

Life and Society in the Early Spanish Caribbean

Ida Altman

Life and Society in the Early Spanish Caribbean

Ida Altman

Confederate Conscription and the Struggle for Southern Soldiers

John M. Sacher

The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered

Charles W. Mitchell, Jean H. Baker, Richard Bell, Thomas G. Clemens, Robert J. Cook, Sharita Jacobs-Thompson, Martha Jones, Brian Matthew Jordan, Jessica Millward, Timothy J. Orr, Rob Schoeberlein, Frank Towers, Jonathan W. White, Frank J. Williams

Medicine and Healing in the Age of Slavery

Sean Morey Smith, Christopher Willoughby, chelsea berry, robin derby, sharla fett, vanessa northington gamble, mary hicks, rana hogarth, Tim Lockley, elisa a. mitchell, deirdre cooper owens, Leslie Schwalm, brandi m. waters

Stephen A. Swails

Gordon C. Rhea

State of Disaster

Craig E. Colten

The Army of the Potomac in the Overland and Petersburg Campaigns

Steven E. Sodergren

Contesting Commemoration

Jack D. Noe

Klan of Devils

Stanley Nelson

Civil War Witnesses and Their Books

Gary W. Gallagher, Stephen Cushman, William A. Blair, Matthew Gallman, Sarah Gardner, M. Keith Harris, Elizabeth R. Varon, Cecily N. Zander

Stepdaughters of History

Catherine Clinton

Bulldozed and Betrayed

Adam Fairclough

Celeste Parrish and Educational Reform in the Progressive-Era South

Rebecca S. Montgomery

French, Cajun, Creole, Houma

Carl A. Brasseaux

Mosquito Soldiers

Andrew McIlwaine Bell

The New Orleans of Lafcadio Hearn

Delia LaBarre

Black Rage in New Orleans

Leonard N. Moore

Elusive Utopia

Gary Kornblith, Carol Lasser, Richard J. M. Blackett, Edward Bartlett Rugemer

In the Wake of War

Andrew F. Lang

Becoming American in Creole New Orleans, 1896–1949

Darryl Barthé

Race, Crime, and Policing in the Jim Crow South

Brandon T. Jett, David Goldfield

Rebel Salvation

Kathleen Zebley Liulevicius, Kathryn Kraynik

Millenarian Dreams and Racial Nightmares

John H. Matsui

Irreconcilable Founders

David Johnson

Port of No Return

Marilyn G. Miller

Charting the Plantation Landscape from Natchez to New Orleans

Laura Kilcer VanHuss

Southern Scoundrels

Jeff Forret, Bruce E. Baker, Jimmy L. Bryan, Alexandra J. Finley, T. R. C. Hutton, John Lindbeck, Maria R. Montalvo, Elaine Frantz Parsons, Rodney Steward, Jeff Strickland

Louisiana Coushatta Basket Makers

Linda Langley, Denise E. Bates, Heather Williams, Raynelle Thompson Fontenot

Sweet Land of Liberty

Tom Sancton

Central Prison

Gregory S. Taylor

Evangelicals and Presidential Politics

Andrew S. Moore, Randall Balmer, Hannah Dick, J. Brooks Flippen, Jeff Frederick, R. Ward Holder, Randall Stephens, Allison Vander Broek, Daniel Wells, Daniel K. Williams