National Praise for Williams and Mazzari


Miller Williams’s Making a Poem: Some Thoughts about Poetry and the People Who Write It, was featured in the Los Angeles Times and praised for his ability to convey how poetry is necessary to the human spirit.  Williams, professor emeritus of English at the University of Arkansas and poet for Bill Clinton’s second presidential inauguration, is also the father of singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams.

MazzarimodernistThe Wall Street Journal recently reviwed Southern Modernist: Arthur Raper from the New Deal to the Cold War by Louis Mazzari, calling it "an engaging account of this indefatigable do-gooder, capturing along the way a lot of period detail about the South and about the social world that Raper was investigating." Mazzari’s is the first biography of on influential southern sociologist who advocated racial justice in an effort to modernize the South.