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Photo by Frank Veronsky

The people at LSU Press and The Southern Review represent everything that is good in the world of literary publication. Their dedication to esthetic quality has been the gold standard in literary publication for over seventy-five years. The Southern Review published my stories when few other literary journals would. LSU Press resurrected my career with the publication of my collection The Convict after I had been out of hardcover print for thirteen years. Then they published my novel The Last Get-Back Boogie after it had been under submission in New York for nine years and had received over 111 editorial rejections (after publication by LSU, it was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize).

My debt to both LSU Press and The Southern Review is one I can never repay. They are extraordinary people and I’m very proud to have my name associated with them.

James Lee Burke

Please join LSU Press and The Southern Review in our mission to
publish and preserve great writing with your gift to our first annual fund.

Annual Fund Membership                                 

$5,000 – Leader
$2,500 – Champion
$1,000 – Visionary


$500 – Patron
$250 – Ally
$100 – Friend

You may choose to give to LSU Press, to The Southern Review, or to support the shared mission of both LSU Press and The Southern Review (we will honor cumulative annual fund giving credit for split gifts).

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