How LSU Press donors make a difference and help us to publish books that matter

Our fiscal year ends June 30 and before we close out this budget year, we thought we’d share some more information about how LSU Press donors make a difference and help us to publish books that matter.

Establishing an Endowment

Endowments can come in all sizes and be designated for all types of books. Our largest endowed fund, The Cardozier Fund, significantly supports the history books we publish. This named endowment underwrites multiple books each year and allows the Press to allocate its funds across a range of important projects. Endowments can be established with a gift of $20,000 and is a gift that will provide permanent funding.

Supporting a Book

Another way to give is to designate your donation for a particular book. Swamper: Letters from a Louisiana Swamp Rabbit garnered support from a number of donors who wanted to underwrite that specific project. Their generous gifts helped us publish a beautiful, informative book that we offered at an attractive price for young readers and those eager to learn more about the ecology of Louisiana’s swamps. Gifts of any size can be targeted for a specific project.

Giving to the Annual Fund

We also appreciate gifts through our Annual Fund, which underwrites the acquiring, editing, designing, and marketing of our books. For example, a $50 gift could underwrite the fee the Press pays to submit a book for Pulitzer Prize consideration. What an impact!

Whether you want to support important projects, establish an endowment, or give to the LSU Press Annual Fund, your gifts enhance publishing operation and help us produce books that matter.