The Magic Striptease - Cover
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The Magic Striptease

A Novel

Voices of the South

272 pages / 5.50 x 8.50 inches / no illustrations

This title is out of print.

“A loose-fitting collection of three stories by a prolific poet, novelist, and playwright: a low-key fantasy about a magical impressionist who discovers that disguises are really a search for true self; an impressionistic portrait of the enforcers and exploiters of the law in the rural South; and an amusing shaggy-dog account of a Florida tent revival meeting which escalates into a patchwork of grotesquerie and bizarre coincidence.” —Library Journal 

George Garrett --poet, novelist, critic, and editor--has written seven previous volumes of poetry, including Luck's Shining Child. He is Henry Hoyns Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Virginia.

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