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Sweet Confluence

New and Selected Poems

204 pages / 6.00 x 9.00 inches / no illustrations


  Paperback / 9780807126202 / October 2000

In new poems and old, Sweet Confluence turns and returns to themes of art, music, landscape, and family that have feathered Ludvigson's lush expressive output over the past twenty-five years.

The twenty new poems resume—Ludvigson's Wisconsin motif—the cradle of her experience and consciousness–and use Old World European sights, her mother's death from Alzheimer's, and a southern palette of sight, scent, and sound to explore the fluidly interconnected states of being: memory, emotion, sleep, thought, and sensation, among others. Disclosing an acceptance of the world as it is, never refusing or diminishing life’s full and reaching reality, Ludvigson possesses a joyous maturity that dovetails with the youthful urgency to know and understand exhibited in her early poems. 

Susan Ludvigson is the author of eight previous volumes of poems and the recipient of Guggenheim, Rockefeller, Fulbright, NEA, and Witter Bynner Fellowships. A native of Wisconsin, she has made her home in the South for more than thirty years and travels to France as much as possible. She teaches at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

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