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A Novel

Voices of the South

268 pages / 5.50 x 8.00 inches / no illustrations

This title is out of print.

“Ben Greer’s Slammer is an electrifying novel of prison life, tough, powerful, and terrifying. . . . Like some medieval tale of diabolism, [it] lifts curtains on acts and emotions one wishes had never been imagined, and finds difficulty in redeeming them for any human reason. . . . A sociological tour de force.”—Boston Sunday Globe

“Includes all the brutal absurdities made familiar by the newspapers, but . . . moves like a good suspense story. . . . A tough-minded accomplished first novel.”—Atlantic Monthly

“In the slammer every character is matched with his antagonist, every gesture of generosity countered by perversity or greed. Like Flannery O’Connor, Greer illuminates his grotesques with the redemptive glare of Catholicism; and, like her, he knows evil is contagious for travelers in infernal regions.”—*The New Republic

“A hard, ugly story about four men caught in the life of a large [South Carolina] prison, a state penitentiary headed inexorably toward a bloody riot.”—New York Times

“A masterly and urgent first novel.”—Los Angeles Magazine 

Ben Greer , a native of Spartanburg, South Carolina, paid his way through college by working as a prison guard. The author of four novels, a biography, and a screenplay, he is associate professor of English at the University of South Carolina.

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