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The Man Who Saws Us in Half


Southern Messenger Poets

80 pages / 6.00 x 9.00 inches / no illustrations

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  Paperback / 9780807151112 / October 2013
Through silence and song, death and rebirth, a sense of wonder pervades every minute of our lives. In The Man Who Saws Us in Half, Ron Houchin explores this idea from the first curiosities of childhood to the gradual skepticism that comes with age and the weight of practical concerns. In the whimsical poem “The Lion That Finds You Asleep in His Dream,” the sleeping figure relives the magical allure of youth, offered both gratuitously and ubiquitously: “The moon’s still high in its arc, / and you know / you spilled from this lion’s heart.” 
With his unique and colloquial voice, Houchin allows the reader to experience familiar subjects anew, to admire the surrounding world with rekindled appreciation and awe.

Ron Houchin is the author of five previous poetry collections: Museum Crows, Birds in the Tops of Winter Trees, Among Wordless Things, Moveable Darkness, and Death and the River. A retired public high school teacher, he lives on the banks of the Ohio River across from Huntington, West Virginia, where he grew up.

Praise for The Man Who Saws Us in Half

“In this sterling poetry collection, Houchin traces how the innocence of childhood is often erased by the cares of everyday life as one ages. His poems, with motifs of dogs, crains, and birds, offer an aching call to see the world anew.”—Appalachian Heritage

“Readers searching for free verse that does not aim to be edgy and instead works toward honesty and discovery will appreciate Houchin’s craft. . . . Ron Houchin . . . does have something important to say about this strange world that we live in, and, most of the time, he succeeds in saying it.”—Birmingham Poetry Review

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