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Lemoyne d'Iberville

Soldier of New France

280 pages / 5.50 x 8.50 inches / no illustrations

American History

  Paperback / 9780807127001 / April 2001

When Nellis M. Crouse’s Lemoyne d’Iberville was originally published in 1954, the New York Times declared that the work “closes a gap in North American historical biography.” Indeed, the book was the first and only full-length English-language biography of the great leader of French Louisiana. Now, in the even busier field of French colonial history, Crouse’s work still has plenty to offer. He explores the Canadian origins and military career of Iberville and his many campaigns, emphasizes the relationship between private gain and public service in Iberville’s rise through the ranks, and stresses the importance of family networks in both the commerce and government of New France. With a new introduction by historian Daniel H. Usner to set the book in historiographical perspective, this edition is especially timely as the Pelican State looks forward to the 2003 bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase. 

Nellis M. Crouse , now deceased, was the author of several works on French colonial history, including French Pioneers in the West Indies, 1624-1664.

Daniel H. Usner Jr. , professor of history and director of the American Indian Program at Cornell University, is the author of American Indians in the Lower Mississippi Valley.

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