Gardening in The Humid South - Cover
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Gardening in The Humid South

384 pages / 6.12 x 9.25 inches / 20 halftones, 22 drawings, 2 charts


  Paperback / 9780807129746 / March 2004

Two self-proclaimed “crotchety old horticulture professors,” Ed O’Rourke and Leon Standifer share an immense love of gardening, a vast knowledge of all things horticultural, and a hearty sense of humor. InGardening in the Humid South, they combine all of these traits to provide a practical and entertaining guide to gardening in the region they know best, the humid subtropics of the lower South.

In chapters with titles like “Bulbs and Things That Act Like Bulbs” and “Weeds: Telling Good Guys from Bad Guys,” Ed and Leon offer friendly how-to advice on a broad array of issues, including choosing and preparing a cultivation site, raising fruit, growing in containers, using fertilizer, and preparing for cold weather.

Regardless of your gardening style, Ed and Leon can help. Are you a weekend warrior who enjoys leisurely Saturday mornings in the yard? Ed and Leon will show you ways to improve your garden while cutting back on your total effort. Is your yard large enough to keep you busy all day, every day? Ed and Leon know some short cuts that you probably haven’t tried. Are you an apartment gardener with only a window sill and a few old pots to cultivate? Ed and Leon have some tips just for you. Even armchair gardeners will delight in living vicariously through the agricultural antics of these witty and wise old hands.

In Gardening in the Humid South, two old friends share their contagious enthusiasm for their avocation and show that despite the hard work, gardening is, above all, fun.

Professor emeritus of horticulture at Louisiana State University, Edmund N. O'Rourke Jr. lives in Baton Rouge.

Leon C. Standifer was professor emeritus of horticulture at Louisiana State University and the author of Not in Vain: A Rifleman Remembers World War II.

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