The Caddos and Their Ancestors - Cover
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The Caddos and Their Ancestors

Archaeology and the Native People of Northwest Louisiana

160 pages / 7.00 x 10.00 inches / 30 halftones, 12 maps, 21 charts

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Southern History | Archaeology | American Native Studies

  Hardcover / 9780807167021 / April 2018

Taking an archaeological perspective on the past, The Caddos and Their Ancestors traces human cultures in northwest Louisiana from the end of the last ice age, through the formation of distinctly Caddo culture in the 10th century A.D., and into the early 19th century when Caddo culture was supplanted by the formidable influences of the emerging modern economic and political world.

Author Jeffrey S. Girard examines how Native Americans altered their lives to cope with the dynamic physical and social environments in which they were embedded. Descriptions and illustrations of the remnants of houses, mounds, burials, tools, ornaments, and food found through archaeological studies of Native American sites illuminate this long over due examination of a key cultural and historical force in Louisiana's history.

Jeffery S. Girard served as regional archaeologist for the Louisiana Division of Archaeology and retired from the faculty of Northwestern State University after twenty-six years. He was Louisiana Archaeologist of the Year in 2015.

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