Books by Subject - Political Science & Political History

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Albert Taylor Bledsoe - Cover
Andrew Jackson, Southerner - Cover
Antonio Gramsci - Cover
Architects of Intervention - Cover
Charting a New Diplomatic Course - Cover
Civil War Senator - Cover
Cold War Theories - Cover
Congress and the Foreign Policy Process - Cover
Delaying the Dream - Cover
Diplomacy at the Brink - Cover
Dixie Looks Abroad - Cover
Eisenhower and the Suez Crisis of 1956 - Cover
Electing Jimmy Carter - Cover
Fathers of International Thought - Cover
Hans J. Morgenthau - Cover
How the South Joined the Gambling Nation - Cover
Inside the Carnival - Cover
Jimmy Carter as President - Cover
Language is Sermonic - Cover
The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus - Cover
Lucy Somerville Howorth - Cover
Masters of International Thought - Cover
Mighty Peculiar Elections - Cover
Money, Power, and Elections - Cover
Morality and Foreign Policy - Cover
Political Philosophy and the Open Society - Cover
The Political Philosophy of the New Deal - Cover
A Politics of Understanding - Cover
Prophet of Decline - Cover
The Realist Tradition and Contemporary International Relations - Cover
Rewiring Politics - Cover
Righteous Realists - Cover
Senator James Eastland - Cover
Southern Politics in the 1990s - Cover
Thucydides' Theory of International Relations - Cover
Traditions and Values in Politics and Diplomacy - Cover
Two Faces of National Interest - Cover
U.S. Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century - Cover
U.S. Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era - Cover
Winston Churchill's World View - Cover
Working Congress - Cover
Working in the World - Cover