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The Achievement of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
The Angelic Mother and the Predatory Seductress - Cover
The Art and Vision of Flannery O'Connor - Cover
Art Matters - Cover
The Art of Walker Percy - Cover
Awakenings - Cover
Becoming Cajun, Becoming American - Cover
Being Ugly - Cover
Bernice Kelly Harris - Cover
Blacklegs, Card Sharps, and Confidence Men - Cover
Blood Work - Cover
The Booklover's Guide to New Orleans - Cover
But Now I See - Cover
C. M. Haile's
Calls and Responses - Cover
The Cass Mastern Material - Cover
A Certain Slant of Light - Cover
Circles of Sorrow, Lines of Struggle - Cover
The Complete Works of Kate Chopin - Cover
Composing Selves - Cover
A Dark Rose - Cover
Desire and the Divine - Cover
Desire, Violence, and Divinity in Modern Southern Fiction - Cover
A Disturbing and Alien Memory - Cover
Dixie Bohemia - Cover
Dream Garden - Cover
The Dream of Arcady - Cover
The Edge of the Swamp - Cover
Emmett Till in Literary Memory and Imagination - Cover
The Enduring Legacy of Old Southwest Humor  - Cover
Eudora Welty and Politics - Cover
The Fable of the Southern Writer - Cover
Faithful Vision - Cover
The Family Saga in the South - Cover
Far from Home - Cover
Faulkner and the Discourses of Culture - Cover
Faulkner and the Politics of Reading - Cover
Faulkner's Country Matters - Cover
Faulkner's Imperialism - Cover
Faulkner, Writer of Disability - Cover
The Fiction of Valerie Martin - Cover
Flannery O'Connor's Dark Comedies - Cover
Folk Roots and Mythic Wings in Sarah Orne Jewett and Toni Morrison - Cover
The Fourth Ghost - Cover
The Fugitive Legacy - Cover
Gather at the River - Cover
Genius of Place - Cover
George W. Cable - Cover
Gothic Traditions and Narrative Techniques in the Fiction of Eudora Welty - Cover
Grace King - Cover
Grace King of New Orleans - Cover
The Great Big Doorstep - Cover
Hearts of Darkness - Cover
The Hemingway Short Story - Cover
I'll Take My Stand - Cover
Ignatius Rising - Cover
Imagining Our Time - Cover
The Intellectual in Twentieth-Century Southern Literature - Cover
Irish Catholic Writers and the Invention of the American South - Cover
James Dickey and the Gentle Ecstasy of Earth - Cover
John Crowe Ransom's Secular Faith - Cover
Kate Chopin - Cover
Kate Chopin Reconsidered - Cover
The Kingfish in Fiction - Cover
Kite-Flying and Other Irrational Acts - Cover
The Language of Vision - Cover
Ledgers of History - Cover
The Legacy of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Letters to My Father - Cover
The Literary Career of Charles W. Chesnutt - Cover
Literary New Orleans - Cover
Literary New Orleans in the Modern World - Cover
Louisiana Culture from the Colonial Era to Katrina - Cover
Lovers and Beloveds - Cover
Major Fiction of William Gilmore Simms - Cover
Making History - Cover
Mary Lee Settle's Beulah Quintet - Cover
Minstrelsy and Murder - Cover
My Mark Twain - Cover
The Narrative Forms of Southern Community - Cover
Nat Turner Before the Bar of Judgement - Cover
No More Heroes - Cover
Normans and Saxons - Cover
The Novels of William Faulkner - Cover
One Writer's Imagination - Cover
Orphans' Home - Cover
Parnassus on the Mississippi - Cover
Peculiar Crossroads - Cover
Peter Taylor - Cover
Plantation Airs - Cover
Poe and the Remapping of Antebellum Print Culture - Cover
Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe - Cover
Porch Talk with Ernest Gaines - Cover
Possessing the Past - Cover
The Postsouthern Sense of Place in Contemporary Fiction - Cover
Precious Perversions - Cover
Private Perry and Mister Poe - Cover
Prophets of Recognition - Cover
Queer Chivalry - Cover
Race, Theft, and Ethics - Cover
Race, Trauma, and Home in the Novels of Toni Morrison - Cover
Reading Walker Percy’s Novels - Cover
The Real South - Cover
Reclaiming the American Farmer - Cover
Reconstructing Violence - Cover
The Reconstruction of Mark Twain - Cover
Rereading William Styron - Cover
Resisting History - Cover
River of Dreams - Cover
The Road From Pompey's Head - Cover
Robert Penn Warren after Audubon - Cover
Robicheaux's Roots - Cover
The Scary Mason-Dixon Line - Cover
Self and Community in the Fiction of Elizabeth Spencer - Cover
Sewanee Writers on Writing - Cover
The Short Story in Midcentury America - Cover
The Silencing of Emily Mullen and Other Essays - Cover
Six Poets from the Mountain South - Cover
Sleeping With the Boss - Cover
The South That Wasn't There - Cover
South to A New Place - Cover
Southern Aberrations - Cover
Southern Excursions - Cover
Southern Writers and Their Worlds - Cover
The Starwick Episodes - Cover
Storytelling, History, and the Postmodern South - Cover
A Talent for Living - Cover
Talking About William Faulkner - Cover
Tears of Rage - Cover
Tell About the South - Cover
Thomas Wolfe Interviewed, 1929-1938 - Cover
Two Covenants - Cover
Undead Souths - Cover
Wakeful Anguish - Cover
Walker Percy's The Moviegoer at Fifty - Cover
Walker Percy, the Last Catholic Novelist - Cover
The Wary Fugitives - Cover
Wild Blessings - Cover
William Faulkner - Cover
William Faulkner in the Media Ecology - Cover
William Faulkner, William James, and the American Pragmatic Tradition - Cover
Writing beyond Prophecy - Cover
Writing Blackness - Cover
Yeoman Versus Cavalier - Cover