Books by Series - Yellow Shoe Fiction

Series Editor(s): Michael Griffith

Yellow Shoe Fiction is an original-fiction series edited by Michael Griffith, author of the novels Trophy and Spikes and the short-fiction collection Bibliophilia. Griffith was also an editor at the Southern Review literary quarterly for more than a decade and now teaches creative writing at the University of Cincinnati.

Regarding the aims of the Yellow Shoe Fiction series, Griffith has said: "I'll be looking first and foremost for literary excellence, especially for good manuscripts that have fallen through the cracks at the big commercial presses. In today's publishing world, despite the proliferation of fiction titles in recent years, those cracks seem like yawning crevasses, and I'm confident that we’ll be able to find worthy novels and story collections—whether by new writers on the way to big careers or by critically acclaimed veterans frustrated by New York's endless hunger for youth and novelty. I’ll cast a wide net."

Books in this series:

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Hybrid Creatures - Cover
Love Is No Small Thing - Cover
Unknown Caller - Cover
History of Art - Cover
A Boy's Book of Nervous Breakdowns - Cover
Joy, PA - Cover
Tough Day for the Army - Cover
The End of the Book - Cover
The Midlife Crisis of Commander Invincible - Cover
Horse People - Cover
The Tree of Forgetfulness - Cover
The Greatest Show - Cover
Crash and Tell - Cover
Abbott Awaits - Cover
My Bright Midnight - Cover
Stations West - Cover
Revenge of the Teacher's Pet - Cover
If the Heart  Is Lean - Cover
The Animal Girl - Cover
Uke Rivers Delivers - Cover
If the Sky Falls - Cover