Books by Series - Southern Literary Studies

Series Editor(s): Scott Romine

LSU Press’s Southern Literary Studies series began in 1963 and has published books on virtually every aspect of the literature of the American South that scholars have explored since that time. The series’ founding editor was the legendary Louis D. Rubin Jr., who served until 1993, when Fred Hobson succeeded him, retiring in 2011 after overseeing scores of award-winning titles. Scott Romine, also an LSU Press author, assumed editorship of the series in 2012.

Among the many outstanding books published in the series are The Complete Works of Kate Chopin, edited by Per Seyersted; Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren, edited by William Bedford Clark, Randy Hendricks, and James A. Perkins; Resisting History: Gender, Modernity, and Authorship in William FaulknerZora Neale Hurston, and Eudora Welty, by Barbara Ladd; The Real South: Southern Narrative in the Age of Cultural Reproduction, by Scott Romine; and The Companion to Southern Literature, edited by Joseph M. Flora and Lucinda H. MacKethan.

Today the Southern Literary Studies series continues and expands beyond its original purpose, as LSU Press seeks to publish more works that “tell about the South” and its evolving identity.

Books in this series:

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The Complete Works of Kate Chopin - Cover
Kate Chopin - Cover
The Achievement of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Tell About the South - Cover
Parnassus on the Mississippi - Cover
Genius of Place - Cover
Selected Stories from the Southern Review - Cover
Witness in Philadelphia - Cover
Mary Lee Settle's Beulah Quintet - Cover
The Art and Vision of Flannery O'Connor - Cover
Self and Community in the Fiction of Elizabeth Spencer - Cover
The Starwick Episodes - Cover
Gothic Traditions and Narrative Techniques in the Fiction of Eudora Welty - Cover
The Family Saga in the South - Cover
Talking About William Faulkner - Cover
Sleeping With the Boss - Cover
Dream Garden - Cover
Walker Percy, the Last Catholic Novelist - Cover
Literary New Orleans - Cover
Nat Turner Before the Bar of Judgement - Cover
The Literary Career of Charles W. Chesnutt - Cover
Yeoman Versus Cavalier - Cover
Welcome to Our City - Cover
The Road From Pompey's Head - Cover
The Art of Walker Percy - Cover
Porch Talk with Ernest Gaines - Cover
James Dickey and the Gentle Ecstasy of Earth - Cover
Grace King of New Orleans - Cover
Major Fiction of William Gilmore Simms - Cover
Faulkner's Country Matters - Cover
John Crowe Ransom's Secular Faith - Cover
Grace King - Cover
Kate Chopin Reconsidered - Cover
The Narrative Forms of Southern Community - Cover
Southern Mothers - Cover
Prophets of Recognition - Cover
Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Making History - Cover
Southern Aberrations - Cover
The Legacy of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Circles of Sorrow, Lines of Struggle - Cover
Sewanee Writers on Writing - Cover
The Fugitive Legacy - Cover
Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Eudora Welty and Politics - Cover
The Companion to Southern Literature - Cover
Domestic Novelists in the Old South - Cover
Thomas Wolfe Interviewed, 1929-1938 - Cover
The History of Southern Women's Literature - Cover
Faulkner and the Politics of Reading - Cover
The Belle Gone Bad - Cover
One Writer's Imagination - Cover
South to A New Place - Cover
Orphans' Home - Cover
Voices from the Quarters - Cover
Wakeful Anguish - Cover
Peter Taylor - Cover
The Kingfish in Fiction - Cover
Wild Blessings - Cover
Bridging Southern Cultures - Cover
Faulkner and the Discourses of Culture - Cover
The Cass Mastern Material - Cover
The Postsouthern Sense of Place in Contemporary Fiction - Cover
Two Covenants - Cover
Gather at the River - Cover
Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Minstrelsy and Murder - Cover
The Enduring Legacy of Old Southwest Humor  - Cover
Literary New Orleans in the Modern World - Cover
Reclaiming the American Farmer - Cover
A Talent for Living - Cover
Southern Writers - Cover
Imagining Our Time - Cover
Lovers and Beloveds - Cover
River of Dreams - Cover
Resisting History - Cover
Plantation Airs - Cover
Race, Theft, and Ethics - Cover
Emmett Till in Literary Memory and Imagination - Cover
Far from Home - Cover
Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Normans and Saxons - Cover
William Faulkner, William James, and the American Pragmatic Tradition - Cover
The Real South - Cover
Calls and Responses - Cover
Faulkner's Imperialism - Cover
Tears of Rage - Cover
A Disturbing and Alien Memory - Cover
Louisiana Culture from the Colonial Era to Katrina - Cover
The Fourth Ghost - Cover
The Scary Mason-Dixon Line - Cover
Becoming Cajun, Becoming American - Cover
C. M. Haile's
Faithful Vision - Cover
Letters to My Father - Cover
Robert Penn Warren after Audubon - Cover
Six Poets from the Mountain South - Cover
In the Shadow of the Black Beast - Cover
Blacklegs, Card Sharps, and Confidence Men - Cover
Ledgers of History - Cover
The South That Wasn't There - Cover
Race, Trauma, and Home in the Novels of Toni Morrison - Cover
Desire, Violence, and Divinity in Modern Southern Fiction - Cover
No More Heroes - Cover
Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Composing Selves - Cover
Awakenings - Cover
Hearing Sappho in New Orleans - Cover
The Angelic Mother and the Predatory Seductress - Cover
Desire and the Divine - Cover
Storytelling, History, and the Postmodern South - Cover
Irish Catholic Writers and the Invention of the American South - Cover
Queer Chivalry - Cover
Critical Appropriations  - Cover
A Dark Rose - Cover
Faulkner, Writer of Disability - Cover
Yoknapatawpha Blues - Cover
William Faulkner in the Media Ecology - Cover
Possessing the Past - Cover
Undead Souths - Cover
Reconstructing Violence - Cover
New Approaches to <i>Gone With the Wind</i> - Cover
Precious Perversions - Cover
The Language of Vision - Cover
Being Ugly - Cover
LeAnne Howe at the Intersections of Southern and Native American Literature - Cover