Books by Series - Antislavery, Abolition, and the Atlantic World

Series Editor(s): R. J. M. Blackett & Edward Rugemer. Ed. Emeritus: James Brewer Stewart

This series from LSU Press is strongly transnational, featuring books bearing on antislavery and abolition in any locale within the Atlantic world. The series is also multidisciplinary, exploring the subjects of antislavery and abolition in as many revealing and imaginative ways as possible. It favors time-honored approaches such as biography, econometrics, and military and political history no less than it showcases newer forms of comparative and transnational study, cultural history, demographic analysis, and studies of race, ethnicity, gender, and historical memory.

Expanding the conventional social and chronological boundaries of emancipation studies, the series encourages studies of the antislavery links that existed between different countries and during different time periods. For example, the series reaches well beyond the traditional boundary of 1831, the beginning of the abolition movement in the United States, and beyond 1783, the beginning of the movement in Britain. Likewise, it reaches forward beyond the end of the U.S. Civil War and beyond the abolition of the apprenticeship system in the British Caribbean.

The internationalization of the struggle against slavery was crucial on many levels. What used to be seen as activities of organized societies and almost exclusively that of middle-class reformers is more and more understood to cross class, racial, gender, and geographical boundaries. As this new series encourages studies of the antislavery links that existed between different countries, it contributes to a greater appreciation of the complexity, significance, and modern-day relevance of the important history of opposition to slavery.

Books in this series:

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Abolitionizing Missouri - Cover
American Slavery, Irish Freedom - Cover
Antislavery and Abolition in Philadelphia - Cover
Captives and Voyagers - Cover
Caribbean Slave Revolts and the British Abolitionist Movement - Cover
The Children of Africa in the Colonies - Cover
The Complete Antislavery Writings of Anthony Benezet, 1754-1783 - Cover
Emancipating New York - Cover
Evangelicalism and the Politics of Reform in Northern Black Thought, 1776-1 - Cover
Freedom's Seekers - Cover
From Slave to Statesman - Cover
If We Must Die - Cover
The Liberty Party, 1840-1848 - Cover
The Martyrdom of Abolitionist Charles Torrey - Cover
No Taint of Compromise - Cover
The Problem of Democracy in the Age of Slavery - Cover
The Problem of Emancipation - Cover
Revolutionary Emancipation - Cover
Rites of August First - Cover
The River Flows On - Cover
Subversives - Cover
Wendell Phillips, Social Justice, and the Power of the Past - Cover