Books by Catalog - Spring 2013

African American Foreign Correspondents - Cover
Along the River Road - Cover
The Architecture of LSU - Cover
Black Aperture - Cover
Bleeding Borders - Cover
Building Playgrounds, Engaging Communities - Cover
The Contest for the Delaware Valley - Cover
The Dalai Lama's Secret and Other Reporting Adventures - Cover
Desire and the Divine - Cover
Earth, Mercy - Cover
The Fresh Table - Cover
Generals in Blue and Generals in Gray - Cover
The Glacier's Wake - Cover
Horse People - Cover
Irish Catholic Writers and the Invention of the American South - Cover
Its Ghostly Workshop - Cover
Jim Crow's Counterculture - Cover
Knights of the Golden Circle - Cover
L.A. to LA - Cover
Lee's Army during the Overland Campaign - Cover
The Life and Death of Poetry - Cover
Loyal Forces - Cover
Milliken's Bend - Cover
Next to Last Words - Cover
The Politics of Faith during the Civil War - Cover
The Problem of Democracy in the Age of Slavery - Cover
The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry - Cover
Revolutionary Emancipation - Cover
River Road Rambler - Cover
The Scary Mason-Dixon Line - Cover
Segregated Soldiers - Cover
Slavery and American Economic Development - Cover
Spectacular Wickedness - Cover
Still Fighting the Civil War - Cover
Storytelling, History, and the Postmodern South - Cover
Student Activism and Civil Rights in Mississippi - Cover
Swamper - Cover