Books by Catalog - Spring 2010

America's Modernisms - Cover
American Slavery, Irish Freedom - Cover
Black Rage in New Orleans - Cover
Blacklegs, Card Sharps, and Confidence Men - Cover
Breach - Cover
Defying Disfranchisement - Cover
Democracy's Lawyer - Cover
Facing the Other - Cover
Haunted by Atrocity - Cover
Heredities - Cover
In the Shadow of the Black Beast - Cover
A Jackson Man - Cover
The Keeper's Voice - Cover
Lincoln, the Cabinet, and the Generals - Cover
Mencken on Mencken - Cover
Mosquito Soldiers - Cover
Murder in the Metro - Cover
On the Front Lines of the Cold War - Cover
Race, Nation, and West Indian Immigration to Honduras, 1890-1940 - Cover
Representing African Americans in Transatlantic Abolitionism and Blackface  - Cover
A Secession Crisis Enigma - Cover
Self-Portrait with Expletives - Cover
Sir William Berkeley and the Forging of Colonial Virginia - Cover
Six Poets from the Mountain South - Cover
St. Francisville - Cover
Stations West - Cover
U.S. Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era - Cover
Undaunted Radical - Cover
War No More - Cover
Why the House Is Made of Gingerbread - Cover
William Stephens - Cover