Books by Catalog - Spring 2009

Becoming Cajun, Becoming American - Cover
Bleeding Borders - Cover
Brothels, Depravity, and Abandoned Women - Cover
C. M. Haile's
Captive Voices - Cover
Captives and Voyagers - Cover
Carl Sauer on Culture and Landscape - Cover
Counterfeit Justice - Cover
Crawfishes of Louisiana - Cover
The Crimean War - Cover
Drums at Dusk - Cover
Eve's Enlightenment - Cover
The Glass House - Cover
Home Remedies - Cover
Homegrown Yankees - Cover
Houses Are Fields - Cover
If We Must Die - Cover
In the Cause of Liberty - Cover
John Bankhead Magruder - Cover
The Liberty Party, 1840-1848 - Cover
The Lincoln Assassination Conspirators - Cover
Literary Modernism and Beyond - Cover
Occupied Women - Cover
Pacific Shooter - Cover
Painting a Hidden Life - Cover
The Plague Files - Cover
The Prose Elegy - Cover
Race and Liberty in the New Nation - Cover
Rationing Justice - Cover
Revenge of the Teacher's Pet - Cover
The Scary Mason-Dixon Line - Cover
The Seven Deadly Sins and Other Poems - Cover
Treating the Trauma of the Great War - Cover
Voices from an Early American Convent - Cover
Waiting for the Alchemist - Cover
The Waker's Corridor - Cover
The Whole Nine Yards - Cover
Wildflowers of the Coastal Plain - Cover
A Wisconsin Yankee in Confederate Bayou Country - Cover