Books by Catalog - Fall 2013

Anatomy of a Lynching - Cover
Andrew Jackson, Southerner - Cover
Apocalypse and the Millennium in the American Civil War Era - Cover
The Biscuit Joint - Cover
Black Freedom, White Resistance, and Red Menace - Cover
Bone Remains - Cover
The Booklover's Guide to New Orleans - Cover
A Campaign of Quiet Persuasion - Cover
Champion of Civil Rights - Cover
China Mission - Cover
Civil Wars - Cover
Concert Life in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans - Cover
Confederate General William Dorsey Pender - Cover
Desegregating Private Higher Education in the South - Cover
Edna Ferber's America - Cover
Eldest Daughter - Cover
The Fiddler of Driskill Hill - Cover
The Forgotten People - Cover
Frontiersman - Cover
Ghost Stories of Old New Orleans - Cover
Greyhound Commander - Cover
The Man Who Saws Us in Half - Cover
The Martyrdom of Abolitionist Charles Torrey - Cover
The Midlife Crisis of Commander Invincible - Cover
Mike the Tiger - Cover
Narrative of James Williams, an American Slave - Cover
New Orleans on Parade - Cover
Parallel Histories - Cover
Queer Chivalry - Cover
Race, Trauma, and Home in the Novels of Toni Morrison - Cover
Rereading William Styron - Cover
Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren - Cover
Traditional Music in Coastal Louisiana - Cover
Vulgar Remedies - Cover
We Have Raised All of You - Cover
William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini - Cover