Audrey Ronning Topping

Audrey Ronning Topping is a freelance photojournalist, author, and writer of documentary films, specializing in Asian affairs. Her photos have been exhibited in numerous galleries and universities, and her articles and photos have appeared in major publications in the United States and abroad, including the National Geographic, LIFE, Newsweek, Time, Reader’s Digest, and Harper’s Bazaar. She is the author and photographer of five books, including The Splendors of Tibet and Dawn Wakes in the East. She has written scripts and been a commentator and assistant producer on six television documentaries, including Great Wall Across the Yangtze, The Forbidden City, The Tomb of the Terra-cotta Warriors, and Chester Ronning’s China Mission. Audrey is married to Seymour Topping, former foreign correspondent and managing editor of the New York Times. They have five daughters born in Saigon, London, Berlin, and Scarsdale, New York.

China Mission - Cover
China Mission