What’s your reason to support the LSU Press?

Happy Holidays from LSU Press! As we enter this season of celebration and giving, the Press staff is feeling quite festive. Inspired by the generous giving of gold rings and French hens in “The 12 days of Christmas,” here are 12 fun reasons to support LSU Press this holiday season:

1. You like backing winners. We have Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Award winners, Lincoln Prize winners–the list goes on.

2. You are weary of a 140-character world. Sometimes, it’s nice to read something that actually says something meaningful.

3. If we don’t publish reliable information about the rich cultural assets and achievements of Louisiana and the Gulf South, who will?

4. You are always looking for a good investment. We rely on income from book sales, subsidiary rights, licenses, grants, and your support to keep good books coming!

5. We are proud to be part of LSU, and you understand our need for financial security, endowments and annual giving… just like LSU’s schools and colleges.

6. You want to see us grow and publish new voices and more books from a wider variety of genres.

7. You like the best of the best, and you agree that we have outstanding authors, both respected scholars and great local writers.

8. You appreciate our commitment to publishing excellence.

9. You love a good deal and want to help us keep our book prices affordable for all.

10. Our books have enduring and lasting value, and you want to continue reading them for years to come.

11. You love and hate Ignatius…

12. Giving is so easy! Click here to give to LSU Press.

For your tax purposes, be sure to donate before December 31 so your gift can be receipted in 2012.

What’s your reason to support the LSU Press?