The Seven Deadly Sins and Other Poems - Cover
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The Seven Deadly Sins and Other Poems

80 pages / 6.00 x 9.00 inches / None


  Hardcover / 9780807134023 / March 2009
  Paperback / 9780807134030 / March 2009

In The Seven Deadly Sins and Other Poems, veteran poet David R. Slavitt touches on topics from the mundane to the mysterious with his signature wit and intelligence. In "Stupid," for instance, he transforms a simple head cold into an appreciation for the richness of consciousness, and in "Waking," the very effort of rising from bed becomes something like a miracle: "I heave myself up to a sitting position, pause / a moment, and am amazed by what I have done. . . ." Slavitt explores the range of the human condition with such ease and insight that readers cannot help but ponder what life is--and what it could be. What if--like the mythic sea creature in "The Dogfish"--humans could return to the womb when frightened? In the collection's title poem, Slavitt gives a voice to the Seven Deadly Sins, each of which claims, persuasively, to possess a value to humans that is seldom noticed or appreciated. Slavitt has a unique ability to examine an idea--be it virtue or vice, dark or blithe--and offer perspective and wisdom about the conundrums of our existence.

David R. Slavitt has published more than one hundred books, including The Seven Deadly Sins and Other Poems, Change of Address, and William Henry Harrison and Other Poems. Born in White Plains, New York, and educated at Andover, Yale, and Columbia, Slavitt has worked at Newsweek and has taught at Temple University, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Bennington College.

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